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Bus Brake Pads

Wholesale price Premium Quality with germany Heavy Duty Bus Truck Brake Pads
Package: Plastic bag + FRONTECH Color Box or Customer Brand Box + Pallet+Container
4 pcs=1 set
10 sets=1 Carton
50 cartons= 1 Pallet
20 pallets= 1*20’GP

  • Package: Color Box+export Carton+pallet
  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China
  • Car Model: yutong
  • Features: High Temperature Resistance
truck brake pad

Volvo Truck Brake Pads

For volvo truck brake pads
FRONTECH or customer brand color box

  • Position: Rear Alxe
  • Package: Color box
  • Inspection: Appointed
  • Car Fitment: Daf, VOLVO
  • Car Model: bus
truck brake pads

Brake Pad Truck

29087 brake pads for truck DAF/IVECO/ MAN/MERCEDES BENZ
Standard Export Package: Plastic Bag Shrink + Neutral / Brand box + Carton Box + Pallet

  • OE NO.: OE standard
  • Car Fitment: Daf, Iveco, MAN
  • Advantage: High Efficiency
  • Item: Disc brake pads
  • High Performance,wear resistant,less dust,less noisy
truck brake pad

Heavy Duty Truck Brakes

Brake system heavy duty truck brakes spare parts with TS16949 for IVECO,HINO,MAN,DAF
Standard Export Package: Plastic Bag Shrink + Neutral / Brand box + Carton Box + Pallet

  • Car Model: For all cars
  • Car Fitment: Daf, Iveco, MAN
  • MOQ: 50 SETS
  • Item: Disc brake pads
  • Package: Standard Packing

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The Buying Guide: Truck Brake Pads.

Do you own a truck or are you a manager of several fleets of trucks? You will want them to have the best braking system. One component of a truck’s brake system is the brake pads.

Maybe, you are in the automotive business and you sell truck brake pads. This means that you import the truck brake pads and resale them in your country. Importing truck brake pads in China is probably the thing that you intend to do.

In this guide, we are going to give you all the valuable tips that will help you to buy the best truck brake pads.

truck brake pads

  1. What types of brake pads are best for the trucks

While buying brake pads for your trucks, you will wish to end up with the best one.

All the brake pad manufacturers and suppliers claim that theirs is always the best. However, this is not always the case.

Also, keep in mind that the brake pad market is saturated with different types of brake pads. Each type has special features and functions.


Some truck brake pads are of low quality and tend to underperform. This is why you have to scrutinize and choose the best brake pads for the trucks.



  • Ceramic-composite brake pads

Probably you are already aware of the desirable features of the ceramic brake pads. They are considered among the best in the market.

Ceramic-composite brake pads have some typical features of ceramic brake pads and other features of metallic brake pads.


The combination results in a strong material that can easily deliver excellent stopping power on the truck.


Ceramic-composite brake pads can also handle the immense weight of the truck. This feature is ideal since we are used to hearing numerous cases of brake failures from the trucks.

The only issue is ceramic brake pads are quite expensive as compared to other truck brake pads in China.


  • Semi-metallic brake pads

This is another type of brake pad that is used on most trucks. As the name suggests, a significant percentage of the materials on these brake pads are made of metal.


The good thing about these brake pads is they have an excellent heat-conducting properties. They rarely overheat due to the heating effect caused by the heavy truck.


To be precise, most heavy-duty truck and commercial brake pads choose these brake pads because of their cost. They are way cheaper than the ceramic composite brake pads.

  • What makes a good truck brake pad?


There are numerous features that you can use to gauge whether the heavy-duty truck and fleet brake pads are the best or not.

Here are some of these key features:


-Withstand high friction: The brake pad materials should be capable of delivering the best braking performance. This is possible only when the braking materials can handle the high friction during the braking process.

-Durable: The brake pad material for the truck brake pads in China should not wear out at a fast rate. It should be able to last you for a considerable period. The durability of the brake pads means that you will not be spending money frequently on the truck brake pad replacement.

  1. How much does it cost to change truck brake pads?

One key issue that will always arise when it comes to the truck brake pads is cost. You would like to know the overall cost of replacing the brakes pads.

The first thing when it comes to truck brake pad replacement cost analysis is the actual truck brake pads price. How much will you spend to get the brake pads?

The cost of the truck brake pads depends on several factors.

One of the key factors is the type of truck brakes pads. Do you want ceramic, semi-metallic, or organic brake pads?


As we have already stated, the ceramic brake pads are the most expensive. On the other hand, organic brake pads for trucks are the cheapest.

Another factor that determines the cost is where you buy the truck brake pads. Some truck brake pad manufacturers are expensive while others are cheap.



Just like most products, always focus on buying affordable truck brake pads in China. However, while at it, don’t compromise on the quality of the brake pads.


  1. How long do truck brake pads last?

After buying heavy-duty truck brake pads or even semi-truck brake pads, you would like to know how long they will serve you before doing a replacement.

The life of the brake pads is determined by several factors. One of them is the type of brake pads that you are using on the truck.


Organic brake pads tend to have the shortest life of all brake pads. On the other hand, ceramic brake pads tend to be the most long-lasting brake pads.

The type of the truck will also determine how long the brake pads will last. Here, you have to consider light trucks, semi-trucks, and heavy-duty trucks. Choose truck disc brake pads that match the specific needs of your trucks.


Also, the driving habit and areas where you drive the truck will eventually influence the durability of the best heavy-duty truck brake pads.


  1. Truck brake pads China


Looking for affordable and high-quality truck brake pads for sale? Maybe you should consider buying in China.

Many reputable brake pad manufacturers in China can meet your truck brake pads needs.

For example, a brake pad company such as Frontech has a good reputation across the globe for manufacturing and supplying quality brake pads globally.

Take your time to read truck brake pad reviews. From there, choose a reliable truck brake pads manufacturer in China

  1. Conclusion

I hope that this guide has given you the most valuable insights that you should know when it comes to buying truck brake pads.

You should now be in a perfect position to contact reliable brake pads manufacturers in China and place your order for quality brake pads.

Check out the price list of the brake pads and consequently the brake pads reviews. From there, you can proceed to choose your preferred brake pads manufacturers and suppliers.

You should consider consulting an experienced truck brake pads manufacturer for more information and deeper insights.

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